Has Allen “Gone All Duck Dynasty” on Us?

Lately I have been asked a lot by people why I look so. . .different. . .rugged, etc. People are often a little surprised when they see me for the first time, or haven’t seen me in a while. It’s been almost 9 years now that I’ve been running The Realty Butler LLC, and over that time, my appearance has changed quite a bit. I’ve gone from a very thin, very primped, short-haired, corporate type, to my current look of. . .some would say Charles Manson!

Well, I AM getting older (just had my 42nd in Oct.), and more importantly, I’ve never had a beard before! I wanted to try it out. My wife had never let me have a beard, as she said I look “evil” with a beard! That may or may not be true (it probably is. . .), but with the advent of Duck Dynasty, a large beard has become slightly more socially acceptable. Kinda.

Furthermore, I’ve had longer hair most of my life. When I first joined West USA Realty, my first boss, Steve Kersey, insisted that I could not be a successful sales agent with long hair and demanded that I cut it. I did. My wife was sad, as she’d always enjoyed my long hair. She thought I looked like a “dork” with short hair.

Well, these days, I want to cut my hair, but she won’t let me, and I want the beard, but she wants it gone. Oh well. . .you just can’t win.

Group Crop II

Allen 2009 Compressed.jpg  Allen Butler


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