Arizona Home Sales

Selling your home is an important life activity that requires a competent agent with YOUR best interests in mind. Real estate agents who are looking to sell your home are easy to find.  They will pound on your door, flood your inbox, and stuff your mailbox with offers of goodies, stories of their past, glossy photos, and slick marketing campaigns.  The Realty Butler does not operate this way.  We have a totally different philosophy of doing business. We provide you FREE information, and lots of it!
When you’re looking to sell your home, you’re essentially looking for information. You’ll want to know how much the home is likely to sell for, how it can be marketed, how to get the home ready to sell, how long it will take to sell, how to make a smooth transition to your new home, and a host of other important questions answered. Most importantly, you’ll want them answered HONESTLY, and without a sales pitch attached, or an ulterior motive.
You see, I know that real estate agents have one of the worst reputations for being unsavory of any occupation in the United States, and even world wide! Everyone HATES real estate agents! This is just a fact that can be proven repeatedly with polling.  When I got into rel estate, I had one goal in mind: to SERVE people.  That’s why my company is called The Realty Butler. What does a Butler do? He serves your personal domestic needs.  I wanted to take that same sense of service, and apply it to real estate. That is why I do not, nor will I ever, rely on pushy sales tactics or use all the top training methods for sales that most agents go through.  They teach you to “strong arm” clients into making a decision right now.
My method is different. I provide you all the data about your sale that you’ll need, show you what that data means to you and your bottom line, and then I walk away.  I don’t want you to sign any documents after meeting with me! I want you to sleep on it. Meet another agent or two. Pray about it. Then, when you feel comfortable and confident in your selection, you’ll call the agent who was honest with you, provided you good data, demonstrated professionalism, was courteous, helpful, and friendly. That’s it! That’s The Realty Butler Way.  We hope you’ll choose us, but we’re happy to provide you with data, no matter who you choose.

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