AZ Short Sales

Short Sales are an unfortunate reality of today’s real estate market in Arizona. While many agents in Arizona claim to be “short sale experts,” very few have the training and track record of success like The Realty Butler. Allen Butler has been processing short sales for over 6 years, and has multiple master certifications in the area of short selling. Mr. Butler’s expertise and experience have been quoted by the Associated Press no less than three times, and he has a solid track record of selling short sale homes all over Arizona. Our track record of success in selling short sales (over 98.9%!! successful completion rates!) ensures that you have a tenacious agent who knows how to get things done, while protecting clients from further hassles by lenders.  Let our experience work for YOU if you need to short sale your home in Arizona.

Allen has written extensively on the area of short sales, and has been published many times. Below is a collection of Mr. Butler’s writing on the subject, as well as his entire video series on Short Sales in Arizona. Check them out. We believe you’ll find the information helpful, timely, and comforting!

Arizona SHort Sale Video Library  Arizona Short Sale Articles


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