Sell Your AZ Home

When you need to sell your Arizona home, we’re convinced you’re looking for two basic things:

1.) The best sold price

At The Realty Butler, we specialize in getting the best prices for our Arizona listed homes, and we have a strong and long track record of doing just this. In order to get the best price for your Arizona home, you need to have a strong marketing plan with comprehensive property exposure. When you list your Arizona home with The Realty Butler team, you have our 8 years of marketing experience behind you. We put together a marketing plan that ensures your Arizona home sells for the best possible price:

a.) Staging and Presentation–At The Realty Butler, we have presentation specialists who will help you prepare your Arizona property to present it in the best possible light, showing you how to remove clutter, organize your presentation, optimize curb appeal, and put your home’s best foot forward, inspiring visitors to come out to view your property.

 b.) Strategic Pricing Strategy–When you list your Arizona Home for sale, you expect to get the best price possible at closing. At The Realty Butler, we specialize in market analysis and strategic pricing, to get you the most money for your Arizona home in the least amount of time. Our market statistics analysts will show you how to price your home in order to get the most buyers to your door. Buyers at your door equals a sale, every time. Many agents will simply attempt to get you to list at the lowest possible price. We do NOT work this way. There are much better ways to sell your home than simply giving it away at a ridiculously low price.

c.) Comprehensive Market Exposure with Professional Presentation–At The Realty Butler, we have experienced photographers and videographers who create high quality presentations of your home, with excellent lighting and composition, to show off your home to potential buyers that will compel them to visit! We take these high quality marketing materials and publish them everywhere that people are looking to purchase homes. This includes MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Hot Pads,, and many other aggregated sites for home sales.

2.) Honest, Professional Representation

When you sell your Arizona home with The Realty Butler, you’ll get an honest professional with ethical integrity, who provides more real estate service than you knew was even possible. The Realty Butler team knows that “the client is king,” and that if you’re not happy with our service, you’ll NEVER refer us to your friends and family. This is the heart of our business: HAPPY CLIENTS! Below are just a few of the real services we provide to Arizona home sellers:

a.) Truth–The Realty Butler team practices TRUTH.  We will not tell you what you want to hear, just to get your business.  We know that in national surveys, consumers consistently rank real estate sales people at the BOTTOM of the list in regards to honesty, integrity, and ethics.  We fight HARD against this perception every day. We firmly believe, and our religious faith informs our behavior, as we “treat others as we would have them treat us.”  We will not present you with pushy sales tactics, canned scripts and dialogues designed to get you to do something you really don’t want to do. We provide you excellent, truthful DATA, and help you come to a decision that YOU are comfortable with. This is the essence of integrity in real estate.

b.) Professionalism–The Realty Butler practices professionalism in every way: with our clients, our competition, and our customers. This means that we ALWAYS answer our phones and emails, usually within a few minutes, if we do happen to miss the call. You will get timely updates on your sale, and get the answers to questions you have, without equivocation. This means that when you sell your Arizona home with The Realty Butler, every aspect of your sale will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail, from putting the sign in the yard, to managing every aspect of closing.


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